Note* These reviews were done sometime
ago when we were all using Windows XP...

PC Curling Games   -  No good updates in this 'field of play' since 2011



Canadian Curling  -   2011 - Online Play

Jan/09 - Online Curling by flyordie



 2005-2008 - Make note a lot of these are fairly old & difficult to find now-a-days


We haven't had the opportunity to play every curling game out there; but we did manage to give

 these 3 a good workout and had the players comment on the pros and cons of each. . .



Points to make:


Excellent for newbies. Good & fast -great for strategy play.

Computer skills required are minable

Able to preview rock/track of last shot


Wish it had:

Had online play

Skins format
Smarter play against the computer

Some player/action graphics? – maybe the beauty of this game is the absence of such. . .



TakeOutWeight Curling


Points to make:


Excellent realism
Higher level 'mouse' skills required
Game controlled by mouse


Wish it had:

A 'go back' to change shot selection
A preview of last shot

Skins format
Needs much better setup interface and team selection controls

Graphics are very good, but I'd even like to see them better for the upgrade
Needs a ‘concede’ control in bonspiel play


P.S. Online play is good for the host but not so good for the guest –very jumpy!

TakeOutWeight Curling2
Pleased to say the new edition has addressed most of these issues and it remains our favourite curling game





Had I not ever have played takeoutweight curling, I might have really liked this game!

The graphics and controls seem better than TakeOutWeight Curling but we didn’t like all the keyboarding to setup the shot


Points to make:


We liked the features of the stopwatch

Wish it had:

Build more controls into the mouse – keyboard play is a pain for 2 players at a desk

Ability to save your last set-up

Have the skip animated to reflect the curling turn as well

A go-back/change my mind button after clicking the player icon



Mobile curling Game for your phone



Here's another  free web-based game


and this is kinda cute tooooo - not reviewed